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Are you looking to add some excitement to your life? Interested in learning new skills? Do you like the idea of serving the community and helping people in a significant way? Do you want to meet more people in your neighborhood? Have you always dreamed of being a hero? Or do you just like the idea of driving the big truck and running the siren?

The reasons to become a volunteer firefighter are many, and everyone has their own set of reasons. Whatever your motivation, Lefthand Fire is an excellent place to do all of the above. We are a small, tightly-knit group of highly-trained volunteers. We fight fires in structures, vehicles, and wildlands; respond to medical emergencies and vehicle accidents; and handle pretty much any non-law-enforcement emergency that occurs within our 52-square-mile district.

Most of our volunteers are triple-trained. That is, we are trained in fighting structure fires, fighting wildfires, and responding to medical emergencies. On any given “call”, we converge on the scene from our respective homes (or wherever we happen to be at the time) with the knowledge that the first firefighters to get there will have the training to coordinate a safe response while others are picking up the necessary equipment to get the job done. No two calls are the same. On one call you might be driving a fire truck, on a second you might be extricating someone trapped in a wrecked car, and on a third you might be acting as a lookout on a wildfire.

Firefighter safety is always our highest priority. You will never be made to do something you do not think is safe. You will not be responding to calls until you have training in at least one area (for example, wildland firefighting), and you will only be expected to perform in the areas that you have been trained for.

If you are interested in taking a closer look, give us a call at (720)214-0560. We can answer any questions and invite you to one of our regular training sessions, where you can check us out in person.

Please find the application for employment or volunteer  service here (PDF) and here (DOC).

Team Openings

Mitigation Crew Member

The Left Hand Fire Protection District is hiring for a seasonal full-time Mitigation Crew Member. Work schedule will be forty (40) hours per week.

The Mitigation Crew Member will be an experienced sawyer with training and certification as NWCG FALA or FALB in an approved program or have at least one years’ experience as a professional arborist or lumberer. The Mitigation Crew Member must be safe and comfortable working with large and small powered machinery.  The applicant must be willing to become proficient with the operation and utilization of wood chippers.

The wage rate for the position will be between $10-$13 per hour, dependent on skills and experience. Wages will be subject to federal and state withholding taxes.  The employee will be covered by the District’s worker’s compensation insurance and the District’s general liability insurance.  There is no retirement, vacation or other benefits associated with this position.



To apply, please send resume via e-mail or to our mailing address below:

Mailing Address:  900 Lefthand Canyon Drive, Boulder, CO 80302

No phone calls, please.   

Boulder, CO 80302