The Lefthand Fleet

The Lefthand Fleet must be versatile, nimble, and reliable to operate in the challenging environment of the Front Range Foothills. We seldom have the luxury of water hydrants and must bring water with us to fires. We often need to get into remote wilderness areas for rescues and wildland fires, and we must respond to homes at the end of four-wheel driveways. Over the past fifteen years the department has built a fleet that meets these demands.

Station 1:

4101 (red): Our newest engine with state-of-the-art capacity for both structure and wildland fire attack.
4105:  Our biggest apparatus is designed for structure fires and car accidents in the flat portion of the district.
4141: An attack tender that carries a lot of water and is capable of both structure and wildland initial attack.
4144: A rugged workhorse that is first out the door for wildland operations.
4121: A Chevy Avalanche equipped for medical and trauma calls.
4159 and 4160: The Command Vehicles used daily by the Chiefs. These are their mobile command posts and carry emergency medical equipment.
UTV: This new addition to the fleet can ferry a crew of four and their gear into the backcountry to get to wildland fire starts. We can also use it for remote rescues.

Station 2:

4106: This carries equipment for both a wildland and structure fire with a robust amount of water.
4122: A pickup used for medical and rescue calls.
4152: Another pickup specifically designed to supply our attack engines with big volumes of water from a source such as Rock Lake or St. Vrain Creek.
4133: A smaller, nimble brush truck capable of getting into the tighter mountain driveways and roads to catch wildland fires.
UTV: This backcountry vehicle carries two, and is equipped with a fifty gallon tank and pump for remote wildland fires.

Station 3:

4134: Another wildland brush truck.
4153: This is a military surplus Humvee that we use to get into the remoter portions of our district, especially the Off Highway Vehicle recreational area of the National Forest.

Station 4:

4101 (yellow): The identical twin to 4106.
4104: This engine is a backup for structure fires.
4131: Another wildland brush truck but with lots of room for crew and equipment.